MTM EP 12 - There's No Straight Line to Your Dreams w/ Romeo Candido

Stories are as old as the human race. Before we had the written word, we had oral traditions. And somehow the story, in all it's forms and delivery methods, has survived through all that time.

Writer, director, musician and producer Romeo Candido has a story worth listening to. As you can tell from his titles, the man has done some serious work over the years. He’s easily smashed the 10,000 hour rule in a number of fields so it goes without saying that he’s been around the block a few times and has some major insight on being a professional creative. 

But, you may ask, doesn't anyone savvy youtube creator wear so many hats these days? Well, yes and no. Romeo breaks down the distinction. He's also breaking the internet, exposing it to wonderful new, typically fringe artists, as Senior Producer at CBC Arts.

Most importantly, Romeo shares the key to connecting with any audience, at any time, in no matter what your discipline. In his words, it's "the one thing that all artists have ownership of, and the one thing that can make them unique"

But I'll let Romeo tell you what that is, along with his amazing story. You'll have to tune in to get all the juicy details...


Romeo Candido is a writer, director,  musician and producer.  Current projects include His CSA nominated web musical Prison Dancer which was staged at the New York Musical Festival will be remounted this fall.  He is the senior producer for CBC Arts : Exhibitionists which is going into its 4th season this fall on CBC.  He is the series director of the half hour comedy Second Jen, season 2 dropping this fall on City TV and OMNI television.  He is a writer for the upcoming Netflix sci-fi series Another Life starring Katee Sackhoff which shoots in the fall of 2018.  And his modern Filipino electronic band DATU released their first album High Blood in 2017 on all music platforms. 



DATU - Bones
Miss Saigon Original Cast, Rachelle Ann Go & Eva Noblezada - The Movie In My Mind (Live) from Miss Saigon
DATU - Gatekeeper
DATU - Overseen
DATU - Suns
Original Cast of Prison Dancer - On The Inside
DATU - World Gone Crazy (feat. HAN HAN)