MTM EP 11 - The House of Law w/ Emily Law

In my opinion, few art forms emphasize community more than street dance. In Toronto Emily Law is trying to maintain the origins of those forms and incorporate them into more contemporary settings and performances. Like many professions and art forms, dance commands a great deal of respect and subservience to the limitations of one's body, so Emily is keen to get to work while she's able. 

In this interview we talk about how editing is just a part of the process in creating new works; if it doesn’t fit with the piece, it’s gotta go. We discuss drawing from the cultivated history of Toronto’s House dance scene and the the relationship b/w dance and community. We talk about how Emily is using her love of House dancing forms to push Street dance theatre in Toronto and how she uses workshops and instruction to teach the history of the dance forms she teaches.

We discuss the stress of trying to get your artistic vision across to the audience in a specific place and time and deciding how and why to continue doing your art. It was a pleasure speaking with Emily and I hope you’ll get some great insight into yet another inspiring art form.


DJ Longsleeve - Ode Aan De Filosofie
Mind Enterprises - Idol (Spatial Awareness Remix)
Grace Jones - Slave to The Rhythm
Sweet Tee - It's Like That Y'all
Jomanda - I Got Love For You
French Fries - Yo Vogue (Claude Von Stroke Remix)