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MTM EP 10 - The Power of The Club w/ BAMBII

As dance music has become increasingly more mainstream, the place of the DJ seems to have shifted from one of tastemaker to placeholder. 

We are now in a time when festival crowds’ attention is held by one dude, pumping a fist in the air to what may or may not be an pre-recorded set of songs. Where promoters are more interested in social media numbers than track selection, and where non-male DJs get added to shows for the sake of fulfilling diversity requirements.

Despite all of that, there are still young DJs like Toronto native BAMBII, who is more concerned with crafting and curating sets that challenge and excite the audience, and who pays homage to the origins of the music she plays. 

BAMBII believes in the power of the club to unite and provide space for those who may not otherwise have a place in society to come together and commune, so maybe it’s not surprising how seriously she takes her craft. 

In this interview we discuss the importance of the kind of well researched and practiced approach Bambii takes and how’s that’s helped her cultivate her sound and following. 

We discuss the optics of gender in club culture and promotion. We talk about DJing vs. Performance and the performance of DJing and how BAMBII uses every opportunity she’s given to improve her craft.

We discuss the sobering realties of night life and the importance of striking up a relationship the social media, whether you like it or not. 

All that and more on the latest Mind to Make.


Music throughout this episode is from BAMBII’s mix Slow Drip, which can be heard on BAMBII's Soundcloud page

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